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Kids-friendly activities in Iceland

Activities that are fun for children and the entire family

What activities are suitable for children in Iceland? In this blog, I will share with you some fun activities for kids and everyone in the family.

1 Horseback Riding

Who can resist the cuteness of the Icelandic horses? Known to be calm and gentle, riding an Icelandic horse is one of the best childhood experiences. The Icelandic horses are good with kids. It is mutual affection.

You can take this horseback riding tour as a family or just for the kids. The trainers will lead the horses with children to ensure safety and tell stories to the children simultaneously. It will be an experience that your child will never forget.

2 Fishing

Most kids live in cities nowadays and don’t get much experience of rural life. Iceland is one such place where rural experiences are not far away. Bring the children to the rivers or lakes and let them experience first-hand fishing for their lunch/dinner.

It is going to be a fun, noisy, and yummy experience. More information here.

3 Blue Ice Cave Exploration

Usually, ice cave tours have an age requirement of 10 or 12 years old, so most people have the misconception that exploring ice caves is not an option for younger children. Here is the secret unveiled.

Due to safety reasons, young children are not allowed to join group tours to the ice caves, but it is possible to arrange a private ice cave tour that takes children 6 years old and above.

Exploring an ice cave brings out all the curiosity in the child, and everything is “wow”, “cool” and “amazing”. The guides are so patient to answer all the ten thousand questions that the children have about all the why and how and everything else.

Due to safety reasons, there is a one-adult to one-child ratio so if you are going with a bigger family, check with the tour operator to make special arrangements. Find out more about ice cave tours with kids here.

4 Picking Wild Berries

This is a uniquely Icelandic activity. Only available from end-August to September, children go into the wild to pick wild berries and make berry jam afterwards.

This is an activity that schools in Iceland take children on during this period. These wild berries contain many vitamins that are good for the body.

So this is a fun and healthy activity for children and adults. For more information about this activity, click here.

5 Dog sledding

Dog-sledding is super fun, regardless of your age. And the best part is that it is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round. It will be on a sledge during winter or when there is snow.

It will be on a kart during summer or when there is no snow. Children love this activity, especially when they get to pat the friendly dogs. For more information, click here.

6 Farm Visit

Children love animals; in Iceland, most animals are cute and friendly and love children. Visiting the farms is one of the best activities for children.

All farms that you will find along the road are private properties. Feeding the animals is not allowed unless you get permission from the owner.

Here is a list of farm/petting zoos that are open to the public:
– Slakki
– Sveitagarðurinn
– Reykjavík Park and Zoo
– Hólar farm
– Petting Zoo Daladýrð

7 Camping

Most children grow up in cities nowadays, and the chances to experience nature are few and far between. Iceland is one of those places where it is safe for children to wander and explore nature without needing four pairs of eyes watching over them all the time.

Camping in Iceland is one of those experiences that children love. They get to be outdoors, make good use of all their energy, climb trees, play ball, run around and stay up way past their bedtime since the sun never sets during summer.

Fun is an understatement. Read more about camping in Iceland.

8 Hiking

We all know that children have too much energy and need to use that up somehow before bedtime. In Iceland, hiking is one of the best ways to use all that energy in a fun way.

There are so many hiking trails everywhere in Iceland, many of which are relatively kid-friendly. It is safe for children to explore nature, be “wowed” by almost everything that they see, and test the parents’ patience with the ten million “why”, “what”, and “how”.

Perfect excursion and adventure for the family. At every national park or anywhere with hiking trails in Iceland, you will find an information board with the length and difficulty level of the trails.

Most of the easy trails are manageable by children. If your child is a little more outdoors-inclined and has a little more energy, you might also like to try out the medium trails.

9 Swimming in a Geothermal spa, Natural Hotspring or a public swimming pool

Enjoying the Blue Lagoon silica mask.
Photo source: Blue Lagoon Iceland

Kids love swimming or playing in a swimming pool. And there is no better place to have fun and consume their energy than on the water slides.

Iceland is known for its love of spas, hot springs, and swimming pools, so it’s the perfect place to relax while the kids are having fun.

Imagine the delight on their faces as they splash around in the warm, mineral-rich waters, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Whether it’s the famous Blue Lagoon or the hidden gems in Iceland’s landscapes, these spots offer a unique blend of relaxation and excitement.

Swimming in warm waters while surrounded by Iceland’s breathtaking scenery creates lasting memories and endless fun for the little ones, making it a must-do activity for families visiting this magical land.

Find information about the best places to enjoy a geothermal spa and the best natural hot springs on our website.

10 Into the glacier

The Blue Ice Cave is a unique thing to see, and kids will surely love it. But as they have so much energy, they need a place to run and have fun without worrying about what can go wrong. Langjökull Ice Tunnel, or Ice Cave, is the largest man-made ice cave in the world and a place to have fun with the entire family.

Exploring the depths of the glacier in a safe and captivating environment is an adventure they won’t soon forget. The knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the glacier’s formation, adding an educational element to the excitement.

The interactive elements and the chance to witness the magic of a glacier up close make the Langjokull ice cave a fantastic and unforgettable journey for kids, igniting their curiosity about the natural world.

Check our website for tours into the glacier.

11 Whale watching

The nature in Iceland is incredible. Whether natural features or fauna and flora, Iceland will surprise everyone, regardless of age. Whale watching in Iceland is the perfect activity for little adventurers.

Picture their faces lighting up with excitement as they set sail into the vast, blue ocean, eagerly searching for these majestic creatures. The thrill of spotting a humpback, minke, or even a graceful orca breaching the surface creates an unforgettable experience.

The anticipation of glimpsing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat makes whale watching in Iceland an exhilarating and educational adventure, leaving kids with treasured memories of their encounter with these gentle giants of the sea.

It’s an educational journey, too, as knowledgeable guides share fascinating facts about these marine giants and the ocean ecosystem.

Find the perfect whale-watching tour for the entire family on our website.

12 Visiting Perlan

At Perlan – Wonders of Iceland, kids can embark on an immersive journey through Iceland’s natural marvels.

With interactive exhibits and engaging displays, children can explore simulated ice caves, witness the Northern Lights come to life, and learn about the country’s unique geology and ecosystems in a fun, accessible ways.

They can engage in hands-on experiments, discover the power of geothermal energy or experience the thrill of a virtual flight over Iceland’s stunning landscapes.

Perlan offers a blend of education and entertainment, allowing kids to touch, see, and experience the wonders of Iceland firsthand, making it an enriching and enjoyable destination for young explorers.

Find entrance tickets for Perlan on our website.

13 Fly Over Iceland

An experience the little ones will not forget in Iceland is definitely at Fly Over Iceland.

There, kids can embark on a breathtaking simulated flight across Iceland’s stunning landscapes. Strap into specially designed seats and don virtual reality goggles for an immersive journey soaring over glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, and picturesque towns.

With wind, mist, and scents adding to the sensory experience, children feel like they’re flying, taking in the country’s natural wonders from a thrilling perspective.

The multisensory adventure offers a unique way for kids to virtually explore Iceland’s diverse terrain, sparking their curiosity and leaving them with a sense of wonder and excitement about this beautiful country.

Note that kids have no age limit but a height limit of 100cm. 

Find tickets for Fly Over Iceland on our website.

14 Whale museum

Visiting the whale museum in Iceland is an enjoyable and educational experience for kids. As they enter this fascinating world dedicated to these magnificent marine creatures, children are greeted by life-sized whale replicas and interactive exhibits that captivate their imagination.

They can explore the diverse species of whales that inhabit the ocean around Iceland, learning about their behaviours, sizes, and habitats through engaging displays.

Interactive games, multimedia presentations, and hands-on activities bring the ocean’s wonders to life, allowing kids to deepen their understanding of these majestic animals.

The museum often offers opportunities for children to touch whale bones and experience simulated whale sounds, creating an immersive and memorable experience that sparks a love for marine life and conservation in young visitors.

Check the tickets for the Whale Museum on our website. This experience can be preparation for a whale-watching tour.

15 Visit the Beluga Whale Sanctuary and Puffin rescue center in Vestmannaeyjar

When you visit Vestmannaeyjar with your little ones, do not miss the Beluga Whale Sanctuary and the Puffin Rescue Centre.

At the Beluga Whale Sanctuary and Puffin Rescue Centre in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, kids can have an enriching and enjoyable experience immersed in nature’s wonders.

The sanctuary offers a unique opportunity for children to witness the rehabilitation of beluga whales and puffins in a natural environment. They can observe these charming animals up close, learning about their behaviours, habits, and the conservation efforts to protect them.

Interactive educational sessions conducted by knowledgeable guides allow kids to understand the importance of wildlife conservation and the significance of these sanctuaries.

Additionally, participating in feeding sessions or activities designed for young visitors provides an engaging way for kids to connect with these incredible creatures, fostering a sense of empathy and stewardship towards marine life.

Observing and engaging with rescued belugas and puffins in such a setting creates lasting memories and inspires a deeper appreciation for wildlife in children.

Book the entrance tickets on our website.

When you are coming with kids to Iceland, pack all their energy because the land of Fire and Ice will need all their energy for all the exciting activities.

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