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The ultimate guide for hot-springs in Iceland

You can not visit Iceland without enjoying a hot spring. Be it a lagoon with all the facilities or a wild hot spring in the middle of nature you have to try it. It is in Icelandic Viking tradition to have a bath in a hot spring and almost every Icelander has a hot tub near their house.

There are many hot springs in Iceland where you can relax and enjoy Icelandic nature. In this blog, there are some categories of hot springs to make your choice easier.

Check the map below to find all the locations mentioned in this blog.


The lagoons in Iceland are very popular and despite the hot springs you will find in the middle of nature, the lagoons have many spa facilities you can enjoy.

The most popular one is Blue Lagoon.  

The water in Blue Lagoon is salty as the geothermal water is mixed with a small amount of seawater underground before surfacing. This actually adds extra minerals to the water, making it even better for the skin. Furthermore, the water is not really blue in colour. It is actually cloudy water containing silica and algae and due to the refraction of sunlight, the water looks blue to the eye.

There are two types of entrance packages to the Blue Lagoon: Comfort entrance and Premium entrance.

Comfort entrance includes entrance to Blue Lagoon, towel, silica face mask, and one beverage of choice.

Premium entrance includes entrance to Blue Lagoon, towel, silica face mask, one beverage of choice, bathrobe, a second face mask, and sparkling wine at Lava Restaurant.


The main difference between the two is that for Premium entrance, you will get an extra bathrobe (rental), slippers, a second face mask (mineral or algae) and if you are dining at the Lava restaurant, a complimentary sparkling wine. To pay €20 more for these, worth it or not, you can decide for yourself. Personally, I always go for the Comfort entrance as the bathrobe and slippers are hardly used. Just from the changing room to the lagoon and that is like 100m. For the second face mask, you can always pay extra at the mask booth if you want to use it.

From the car park of Blue Lagoon, you find the storage facility by the car park. This storage facility is for big luggage that cannot fit in lockers. There is a small storage fee. From here, you will follow a path through volcanic lava rocks to the reception building of Blue Lagoon.

You will find three queues for the entrance. Comfort entrance, Premium entrance, and Groups. According to the ticket that you have purchased, you will then join the queue accordingly.

At your turn, simply present your ticket (both electronic tickets and paper tickets are accepted) in exchange for a wristband.

This wristband serves several functions.

  1. It is the pass for your entrance and exit to Blue Lagoon
  2. It is the key to your locker unit
  3. It contains the complimentary items (beverage and mask(s)) that come with your entrance ticket
  4. It keeps a tab of all the additional purchases that you make in Blue Lagoon

In a way, you use your wristband for almost everything within Blue Lagoon. I will explain each of them in detail.

After collecting your wristband, you will scan it at the turnstile to enter Blue Lagoon.

From here, you will follow the signs to the changing room where the lockers are. You can use any locker that is open. Change into your swimsuit. Put your things into the lock, close it, scan your wristband at the nearest scanner and hold it there until it beeps. The locker number that you have chosen will appear on the screen. This means that your locker is locked and synced with your wristband. To unlock, scan your wristband to the nearest scanner to your locker. You can lock and unlock as many times as you like. There are instructions on the locker door as well.

It is recommended that you leave all your jewellery and watches in the locker as the water might cause some damage to them.

After having fun with the locker, you will need to shower before going into the lagoon. It is compulsory to shower and wash with soap. It is also recommended that you leave some conditioner in your hair for protection as the water in Blue Lagoon does not exactly agree with hair. Alternatively, just be sure to keep your hair out of the water. Just so you know, the one time that I keep my hair in the water at Blue Lagoon without conditioner, my hair turns into the likes of seaweed and I needed to wash it with a lot of conditioners for three days before it becomes manageable again.

After you are done with the shower, you can now head to the lagoon. There are hooks for you to hang your towel/bathrobes but since everyone looks the same, there is actually no way to tell one from the other.

Unless you have a way of identifying which towel/bathrobe belongs to you, you can always ask for a new one from the cafe beside. It is very common that someone else takes your towel/bathrobe slipper by mistake. There have been times when I do not even find my towel/bathrobe/slipper at all.

There are two ways to go into the lagoon. One is by the main entry that is outdoors. You go out through the main doors and down the slopes into the lagoon. This way is very beautiful and good for pictures but it can also be very cold, especially during the winter or when it is very windy.

The second way into the lagoon is by the left side. You enter the water from inside the building and there is a doorway in the water that leads outside to the main lagoon. This is the less exciting way of entering the lagoon but certainly more comfortable.

Once in the lagoon, with the main building at your back, the in-water bar is at the top right (one o’clock position). The in-water mask is on the left (nine o’clock position). The in-water massage is at the top left (eleven o’clock position) and the waterfall, sauna, and steam room are at the bottom left (seven o’clock position).

You are free to explore every corner of the lagoon except for the in-water massage area unless you have a booking. The water temperature varies in different areas of the lagoon. Some areas are much warmer than others. You can, of course, choose which temperature you prefer. The central area of the lagoon is the deepest, almost 1.5m. If you cannot swim and are not tall enough, you can always ask the service staff for a pool noodle. Arm floats are also available for children.

Let’s get to the facilities. The in-water bar serves all kinds of beverages. They have juice, slurries, smoothies, wine, beer, and more. You can choose anything for the complimentary beverage that comes with the entrance. You simply need to scan your wristband to collect it at the bar. If you want more then you will have to pay for it and the tab it kept in your wristband.

At the in-water mask bar, you can collect the silica face mask and apply it to your face, neck, and shoulders. Leave it to dry for about 15-20 minutes, take as many pictures as you need, and then rinse off in the lagoon water. If you would like to try a second face mask, there is an algae mask, mineral mask, and lava scrub. Algae mask is good for wrinkles, anti-ageing and whitening.

The mineral mask is good for moisturizing. A lava scrub mask is good for cleansing and strengthening the skin. If you have gotten the premium entrance, the second mask is complimentary. Otherwise, the lava scrub mask and the mineral mask will cost 900 isk each and the algae mask will cost 1200 isk. You will also simply need to scan your wristband to collect the complimentary mask(s) and/or keep tabs on the extra masks which you have purchased.

Find more about the experience at Blue Lagoon on our blog about Visiting the Blue Lagoon.

How to get there: If you are coming to Iceland or you are leaving from Iceland, Blue Lagoon is on your way. Blue Lagoon is just 20 minutes away from Keflavik Airport and 50 minutes away from Reykjavik.

Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon was opened in 2021 and it became already the direct competitor of Blue Lagoon. Located just a few minutes away from downtown Reykjavik, Sky Lagoon is offering a stunning view over the ocean as the concept was to create a pool that will give the illusion of an infinity pool. The concept behind the Sky Lagoon was to recreate a truly Viking bathing experience.

The water in Sky Lagoon is natural geothermal water that contains minerals that can detoxify and can help remedy skin ailments.

The concept of Sky Lagoon came out with a 7 step ritual for the skin. The ritual starts with your way from the changing room to the infinity pool outside. All you need to do is to step into the warm water of the lagoon and relax.

The second step is typically Icelandic: deep into the cold water. This step is a traditional Viking way to stimulate the immune system, decrease the blood flow into the body, and tighten the skin. This step is not mandatory but if you are brave enough you can do it (don’t stay more than 10 seconds).

The third step includes a visit to the sauna. Sky Lagoon has a nice sauna with a glass wall that will let you enjoy the scenery while you allow the heat to open your pores, remove toxins and cleanse your skin.

The fourth step is about refreshing your senses by stepping into the fog mist area.

For the next step, you will use Sky Lagoon’s signature Sky Body Scrub. The scrub is made of sea salt, with a spring-like scent that will gently exfoliate your skin.

After spoiling yourself with the Sky Body Scrub, the sixth step is a visit to the steam room. The steam will help your skin absorb the benefits of the scrub.

The final step is going back to the pool to relax and enjoy the whole journey. After you shower, you can let the geothermal water take care of your skin and body.

At Sky Lagoon the age limit is 12 years.

How to get there: Driving from central Reykjavík: From Hlemmur square take Kringlumýrabraut (route 40). Continue to Kársnesbraut and head to Vesturvör.

Walking/biking from central Reykjavík: From Hlemmur square take Rauðarárstígur for 5.9km. Then take Suðurhlíð and head to Vesturvör. Total of 6km /1h15min.

Bus from central Reykjavík: From Hlemmur square, take bus 4 to Hamraborg (15min). From there take nr. 35 to Kópavogsbraut (4min). Walk for a few minutes and follow the Wayfinder (signs). You will be at Sky Lagoon before you know it. Visit straeto.is for more information.

Secret Lagoon

The water at the Secret Lagoon is geothermal water, very good for your skin and for relaxing after a day of exploring Icelandic nature. Secret Lagoon is a less crowded geothermal bath located in the Golden Circle area. The water is at a temperature between 38 and 40 degrees Celcius which makes it perfect for warming up your body.

The Secret Lagoon is man-made and fed with natural geothermal water. It is the oldest pool in the country and the most popular between the locals and tourists. Icelanders are calling it “the old pool” or ‘gamla laugin’. In 1909 the Secret Lagoon, took place for the first swimming lesson for the locals so the place is full of history that you can discover by visiting it.

The lagoon is surrounded by lava and moss fields and the fact that lies in a geothermal area you will see steam coming up from the ground. This is giving the Secret Lagoon a misty atmosphere and hides it in the steam.

How to get there: You will find Secret Lagoon on the Golden Circle route or if you start from Reykjavik you have to drive south on Route 1 until you get to the town of Selfoss, then turn left to Road 30 to Flúðir.

Laugarvatn Fontana

Another lagoon located in the Golden Circle area is Laugarvatn Fontana which is a naturally heated spa. At Laugarvatn Fontana you will find two pools and a hot tub with naturally heated water full of minerals good for your body. The lagoon has also geothermal activity right on the bed of the pool so you will feel tongues of warm water around your feet. Do not worry is safe.

There are also other facilities that will make your experience at Laugarvatn Fontana very relaxing, you will find there a sauna, steam rooms, and restaurants and if you forgot your swimsuit you can rent one right from the spa.

How to get there: Situated just a 50 minutes drive from Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital. Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Baths Spa is located in the village of Laugarvatn. It is also in the middle of the Golden Circle route which makes an ideal break between Thingvellir National Park and the natural wonders of Geysir and the majestic waterfall Gullfoss.

Hvammsvík Hot Springs

Located only 45 minutes from Reykjavik, Hvammsvik Hot Springs is the perfect place where you can soak into a hot spring that mixes the natural geothermal water with the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean. There are eight pools situated neatly to the shoreline which permits the waves of the Atlantic to mix with the warm water.

If you want to experience something different and enjoy a place that is not so crowded then Hvammsvik Hot Springs is the perfect place. You have there also changing facilities as well as a restaurant where you can try delicious Icelandic food.

To have access to the Hvammsvik Hot Springs you have to pre-book a ticket.

How to get there: Hvammsvik Hot Springs is located in the middle of Hvalfjörður on route 47, only a 45 minutes drive from Reykjavík city centre.

Krauma Geothermal Baths and Spa

Experience nature from its core by bathing in the geothermal baths at Krauma. The hot water originates in Europe’s most powerful hot spring Deildartunguhver, at a temperature of 100°C (212°F). To achieve the perfect bathing temperature, the hot water is mixed with cold water from Rauðsgil, which originates in glacier Ok, the smallest glacier in Iceland.

At Krauma you will have to choose between five relaxing natural geothermal baths, a cold tub, two calming saunas, and a relaxation room. There are showers and lockers to put your things on. Also, you can enjoy Icelandic food at Krauma restaurant.

How to get there: To get to the Krauma geothermal baths from Reykjavik you have to drive about one hour and 40 minutes on Route 1 to Borganes. Before crossing the main road that leads to Borganes turn right towards Húsafell on road 50. The total driving distance from Reykjavik to Krauma is about 130km.

Mývatn Nature Baths

People say that Mývatn Nature Baths is the Blue Lagoon of the North. As the name suggests, Mývatn Nature Baths are located on Lake Mývatn area, the largest geothermal area in Iceland. The water is at a temperature of about 36 to 40 degrees Celsius (97 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and it contains many minerals good for skin and also for people with respiratory problems.

Mývatn Nature Baths is a traditional and tastefully designed complex offering a completely natural experience that you can enjoy with your day admission ticket. The 2 steam baths are built on top of a geothermal area and the sulfur steam rises through holes in the floor. The water of the Mývatn Nature Baths is drawn from a borehole that goes 2,500 meters into the ground. The water has a high concentration of minerals, is basic in nature, and is well suited for bathing.

You have changing facilities and a restaurant where you can enjoy tasty Icelandic food.

How to get there: You can get to Mývatn Nature Baths on your way to North Iceland on Ringroad or Route 1. The closest town to Mývatn Nature Baths is Reykjahlid and if you don’t have a car you can take the bus number 56 from Egilsstaðir or nearby Mývatn Nature Baths.

Bjórböðin SPA

Bjórböðin SPA is located in Árskógssandur in the north of Iceland.  There you will soak away the stress of modern life by relaxing in a bath of warm beer. Beer yeast is used in various ways, the most common is a tablet form where the effects of the yeast are very benefitting.

A beer bath, where you bathe in both young beer and live beer yeast, without showering it off until some hours later, has an extremely powerful effect on the body and skin. This treatment is cleansing for the skin and has a very positive effect on health.

At Bjórböðin SPA you can find accommodation, you can eat and have a drink at the restaurant and bar, and some beer products may interest you if you want to recreate a spa at your home. You can also enjoy a hot tub outside the spa.

How to get there: Bjórböðin SPA is located in North Iceland. If you are in Reykjavik, you can drive north on ring road all the way to Akureyri but before arriving in Akureyri you have to turn left to Road 82 to Dalvik. Before arriving at Dalvik you turn right to a small road found on Maps as Road 808 from there will find the Bjórböðin SPA near the coast. Then all you have to do is to enjoy the beer bath.

GeoSea Geothermal Sea Baths

Located on the Húsavíkurhöfði cape in North Iceland, GeoSea offers more than a geothermal bath where you can relax your mind and body but also breathtaking views over the Skjálfandaflói bay and the North-Atlantic. The pool has the illusion of an infinity pool and if you are lucky you can spot also whales along the boats that will travel the bay. Many birds that are flying over the bay will delight your eyes while relaxing at GeoSea.

The views from GeoSea over the bay are the best part of visiting the geothermal baths. Seeing the Icelandic fauna from the bay or enjoying the arctic sunset right from the spa is an experience that you will never forget. GeoSea may be similar to Sky Lagoon but with the advantage of seeing whales and birds and being closer to the Arctic Circle.

You have changing facilities at GeoSea and a restaurant where you can eat delicious food made with local Icelandic products.

How to get there: GeoSea is located in Húsavik, on the town’s northern edge right at the base of Húsavíkurviti lighthouse.

Photo source: GeoSea

Vök Baths

The largest spa in East Iceland, Vök Baths is located on the edge of Lake Urriðavatn and has two pools located at the level of the lake. The water inside the pool is naturally heated.

Vök Baths has also a sauna, a bar in one of the pools and a Tea Bar where you can drink tea made with Icelandic herbs and spring water.

If you forgot your swimsuit you can rent one from the reception and change in the indoor private changing facilities.

After soaking in the pool you can enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant Soups & Bistro which uses local ingredients to delight your taste buds.

How to get there: Vök Baths are located near the largest town in East Iceland, Egilsstaðir that can be reached by car or plane. If you are in Egilsstaðir you can reach Vök Baths by driving north on Route 1 across Lake Lagarfljót and then turning right onto Route 925.

Forest Lagoon-Skógarböð

The Forest Lagoon is a new lagoon open in Akureyri, Iceland. There are two infinity pools fed with water from the mountain located right behind the lagoon, called Vaðlaheiði, a cold tub and a sauna.

The lagoon is 1.300 square-meter wide and can accommodate up to 200 visitors at one time. There is also a bistro where you can enjoy a delicious meal before or after you relax in the pool.

How to get there: Akureyri is reachable by car or by a 45-minute flight from Reykjavik. The Forest Lagoon is located 3km from the city centre of Akureyri.

Photo source: Forest Lagoon

Hreppslaug pool

Hreppslaug pool is less touristy but very popular among the locals. It is preserved as a cultural heritage and is now run by a non-profit organisation Islendingur. It is located in West Iceland and the water inside the pool is heated naturally. If this arouses your curiosity, you can find the Hreppslaug pool near the town of Borganes.

Hreppslaug pool is not only a place to relax your body but also your mind while admiring the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

You can bathe in the Hreppslaug pool all year round but depending on the season the opening hours may vary. The social media pages of the pool can provide you with up-to-date information about the opening hours. Hreppslaug is the perfect gateway from the crowded city of Reykjavik.

Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach

Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach is something unique in Iceland. Is a man-made lagoon with water at a temperature of about 15-19 degrees Celsius during summer where people can enjoy the nordic summer sun near the city of Reykjavik.

The beach has golden sand which is a rarity to see in Iceland but the fact is that the sand was imported and the beach was built to recreate an Ibiza-like beach in the north.

There are also changing facilities, showers, hot tubs and steam baths. On their website, you can find all the prices for the facilities and for the ticket entrance as well as the opening hours.

Hoffell Hot Tubs

Hoffell Hot tubs are located near the town of Hofn, in Hoffell. The locations of the hot tubs are simply stunning, surrounded by mountains and glaciers.

There are also changing facilities and showers and if you are travelling east on the Ring Road then Hoffell Hot Tubs can be a good spot to relax your body.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a popular spa destination featuring
an outdoor lagoon with mineral-rich waters in a lava field.

Sky Lagoon admission with private transfer

Sky Lagoon admission with private transfer

Visit the wonderful new geothermal baths by the North Atlantic Ocean

Private Transfer to and from Sky Lagoon

Private Transfer to and from Sky Lagoon

This transport will pick you up from the accommodation and
drop you off at Sky Lagoon and back to your accommodation after.

Sky Lagoon with Hotel Pick-Up in Reykjavik

Sky Lagoon with Hotel Pick-Up in Reykjavik

The Sky Lagoon experience - An escape to paradise

Sky Lagoon Transfer Including Admission

Sky Lagoon Transfer Including Admission

Visit the wonderful new geothermal baths by the North Atlantic Ocean

Sky Pass

Sky Pass

Experience Iceland's all-new Sky Lagoon

Pure Pass

Sky Pass

Experience Iceland's all-new Sky Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon

Soak in the magical geothermal waters
of the Secret Lagoon.

Krauma Geothermal Baths & Spa

Krauma Geothermal Baths & Spa

Experience nature from its core by bathing in the geothermal baths at Krauma

Geo Sea Ticket

Geo Sea Ticket

Geosea - Geothermal Sea Baths

Myvatn Natural Bath

Myvatn Natural Bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath in the natural geothermal waters

Laugarvatn Fontana

Myvatn Natural Bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath in the natural geothermal waters



Iceland‘s very first beer spa.

Vök Baths - Standard entrance

Vök Baths - Standard entrance

Standard entrance to Vök Baths geothermal pools.

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The lagoons in Iceland are very popular and comfortable but there are also many other hot springs that will turn your adventurous spirit on. There are many hot springs in the middle of the wild Icelandic nature that you can enjoy but without all the changing facilities or restaurants. It’s just you and Icelandic nature.

If you are in search of a quiet place just for yourself then you might be interested in those wild hot springs that are hidden in the rough Icelandic relief.

Wild and hidden hot springs

You will find many hot springs in the Westfjords in western Iceland with breathtaking views over the fjords. Not many people know about those hot springs as they are quite hidden from the tourist’s eye and are located in remote areas. But that doesn’t mean you cannot go there and relax your mind and body in a quiet place.

Seljavallalaug, the oldest man-made swimming pool in Iceland

Although it is viral on Instagram, the paradox is that Seljavallalaug is one of the secret places on the South Coast of Iceland. And I am saying this because of its hidden position in the mountains, on a geothermal valley.

Seljavallalaug is not only an oasis of relaxation hidden in the mountains, but it is the oldest artificial swimming pool in Iceland.

It was built in 1923 for Icelandic kids to learn to swim. The pool has a width of 10 meters and is 25 meters in length.

The swimming pool lay at the feet of Eyjafjallajökull glacier and suffered some changes when the volcano under the glacier erupted in 2010. The swimming pool was covered in volcanic ash and was unavailable for use until the following summer.

Photo by Stefan Stefancik

Seljavallalaug is a “wild” swimming pool, meaning there is no entrance fee or other facilities except a small changing room. Keep in mind that you enter the pool at your own risk; if something happens, there is no one to assist you.

You have to be careful because the algae on the bottom of the pool can be slippery. The pool is cleaned only once per year, so if you know you have severe allergies to different bacteria, do not enter the pool.

How to get there: Although it is not far from Road 1, the Seljavallalaug pool is not so easy to find; you have to hike a bit north of the car park. While driving on Road 1, a few kilometres from the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, you should turn left on Route 242 and drive to the parking lot. From there starts a little trail to the geothermal area, where you will find the Seljavallalaug pool.

Photo by Ross Hughes
Laugarvellir geothermal pool
It is not a surprise that you will find a hot spring in East Iceland too, there are hot springs all over Iceland. But even so, each hot spring is unique and offers a different experience. Laugarvellir is located in the Highland area in the east of Iceland and is one of the most impressive.

It is not an ordinary hot spring because it has a tiny waterfall with hot water and a natural basin where people can enjoy a relaxing bath in nature. But for your safety, you should always check the water temperature before getting into a hot spring.

The hot spring is located in the Highlands of Iceland. The landscape around it is full of sand and volcanic ash from the past eruptions that happened nearby.

Photo source: grapevine.is

In the area where Laugarvellir can be found, there was a farm in the past. At the beginning of the 20th Century, a farmer build a house near the Highlands and wanted to live there. The harsh soil conditions made it harder to grow plants or animals, and the conditions there were very tough to live in. His try to develop there a farm failed and because of the desperate conditions of living, the farmer took his life a few years after he moved there.

The poor farmer and his wife were the only ones who tried to live at Laugarvellir. Since then, the area is wild and the only people that are going to that place are the people that came to take a bath there.

How to get there: If you want to take a bath at Laugarvellir, you will need a 4×4 car since the hot spring is located deep in the Highlands and you will have to drive off-road. From Egilsstaðir town, you have to drive south on Road 1 then after about 7 kilometres, you have to turn on Road 931 to pass the bridge and then turn again on Road 933. From there you have another 7 kilometres until you will find Laugarvellir.


If you want to enjoy the beauty of Icelandic nature from a nice and cozy spot, then Hellalaug hot spring is the perfect place. This gem is hidden from the people’s eyes but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your time in the hot geothermal water.

There is no entrance fee for the Hellulaug hot spring but at the parking spot, there is a canister where you can put a symbolic fee that will be used for maintaining the hot spring. The water is changed regularly and the hot spring is cleaned in order to meet the requirements and quality standards for hot pools. There are no changing facilities so you have to change in the car. Even if you probably have heard that Vikings used to bathe naked, wear your swimsuit no matter if there can be other people at the hot spring or not.

The hot spring is all-natural and it is 60 cm deep and 3 to 4 meters wide. The water is constantly at 38°C (100°F) so it is at the perfect temperature for relaxing and enjoying the view over the beach, ocean, and the mountains from Vatnsfjörður fjord. You can soak in the Hellulaug hot spring all year round as there are no restrictions of any kind. Just be careful and take warm clothes and towels with you no matter the season, Iceland is colder than a temperate country.

The Hellulaug is close to the Vatnsfjörður beach and to get there from Reykjavik you have to take the Ring Road northbound. When you pass Bifröst you have to turn left on Road 60 that will get you straight to the Hellulaug hot spring. You have to be careful when driving on this road because is a gravel road. In the end, the view and the relaxation you will get in the hot spring will be worth the drive. Follow the GPS coordinates to get there easier: 65.57715, -23.15948.


If you’re not as mainstream as other people and prefer an intimate place to relax then you have to add some hot springs from Westfjords to your bucket list. Reykjafjarðarlaug is one of that hot springs that will embrace you not only with its warm water but also with breathtaking views.

At Reykjafjarðarlaug you will find three small hot springs that are connected and one of them is a man-made concrete pool built 45 years ago. The natural hot springs have a water temperature of 50°C and 45°C while in the concrete pool the water has a temperature of 32°C. You can switch between pools and create yourself a true Icelandic ritual. The man-made hot spring is 6 meters long which means that you can enjoy a relaxing bath together with your family or friends. The views over the Arnarfjorjörður fjord complete the whole experience at the Reykjafjarðarlaug.

The hot spring at Reykjafjarðarlaug is also free but you can let some money in the box. All the money will go to maintaining the pool and the changing facilities clean. The place is open all year round so you can enjoy it either in the summer light or you can enjoy it with the sky full of northern lights during the winter. There are no guided tours that will take you to the Reykjafjarðarlaug so a self-drive tour is a perfect way to get there.

The Reykjafjarðarlaug hot spring is located in Reykjafjörður which is a little fjord in the Arnarfjörður. If you are coming from Flókalundur on Road 60, turn left on Road 63 until you get to the little Reykjafjörður where you will find the pool on the left side. If you are coming from Bíldudalur on Road 63 you will find the hot spring on the right side. The road between Bíldudalur and Þingeyri is open during summer so if you want to relax in those natural hot springs you have to take notice of this. Follow the GPS coordinates to get to the Reykjafjarðarlaug: 65.62320877605379, -23.46914278813489.


Geothermal energy can be considered a natural wonder and Iceland has the perfect examples for this. It is used for heating the Icelander’s homes, for producing energy, for thermal pools, and even for fish farms. In the Westfjords there are many hot springs and local people designed pools to enjoy the benefits of thermal water. So happened at Pollurin, where people designed a space that everyone can use to relax in the warm water.

There are three concrete pools at Pollurin, a parking spot, shower, and changing facilities all for free. In exchange for using the pools, we kindly recommend you to take care of the place and clean the place after you use it, take all the litter and put it in the bins. The size of each pool is: 2 x 2 meters wide and 1-meter depth; 1, 35 x 2 meters wide and 50 cm depth, and the other one is 2 x 2, 8 meters wide and 40 cm depth.

Photo source: juliejourneys.com

You can enjoy the pools all year round and the views will complete your relaxation experience. During the summer you can enjoy the polar day with its endless light and colorful sunsets while you sit in the pool and let the warm water calm your mind and body. In the winter you can warm yourself in the pool while you enjoy the dancing northern lights. The water in the pools is mostly around the temperature of 40- 45 °C.

Pollurin is located near the village of Tálknafjörður which is in the fjord with the same name. If you are coming from the north of the Westfjords on Route 60, you will see a second road on the right side. That is Road 63 that you have to follow until you will see a sign on the right side for getting to the village of Tálknafjörður. Pollurin is a few kilometers from the village. The road to the village and to the hot spring is a gravel road but is easily accessible. The views over the fjord will be worth the entire journey to Pollurin. You can also follow the GPS coordinates: 65.64908, -23.89486.


Many places in Iceland have a history or some legends related to them and Heydalur hot spring makes no exception. There are three pools located in the Mjóifjörður just a few minutes’ walk from Heydalur hotel. It is believed that one of the pools was blessed by Bishop Guðmundur in the 12th century. Also, locals say that the hot pools at Heydalur have some energy-boosting powers but you have to convince yourself about that by stopping and relaxing in the pool.

One of the pools is man-made and the views in the background will relax your mind while the hot water inside the pool will relax your body. Another pool is located inside a Greenhouse and is a traditional swimming pool. The other one has a more natural look because it looks like a hole in the ground, but is large enough so there is enough space for about 8 people.

Photo source: heydalur.is

There are no changing facilities near the pools so you better stop at Heydalur hotel while you visit the Westfjords and enjoy the hot spring together with the views over the fjord and a delicious hot meal at the restaurant. There used to be changing facilities but they were destroyed by nature.

To get to the Heydalur if you are coming from Hólmavik, you have to follow Road 61 until you will see a second road on the left side which is Road 633. From there, an unmarked road will take you to the Heydalur. If you are driving east from Súðavík follow the same Road 61 until you will have to turn right on Road 633. Follow the GPS coordinates to get there easier: 65°50’37.9″N 22°40’50.3″W.


Krosslaug is another hot spring with an interesting story from Icelandic culture. Located in the eastern coastal region of Westfjords, Krosslaug is a well-hidden hot spring-fed with water from Krossneshverar geothermal area. There are two hot springs, one man-made and one natural.

Krosslaug is well protected and maintained. It is one of the best-maintained hot pools in Westfjords. The man-made pool was built in 1948 by a youth association and it served as a pool for swimming lessons for local people. The swimming pool is 4 x 13 meters in width and 1-2 meters in depth. The water temperature is around 37°C.

Photo source: worldcrisscrossing.com

Near the man-made hot spring, there is another hot spring which is thousand years old and it is known as the Hot Pool of the Cross. The name of the hot pool is linked to the period when Vikings were converted to Christianity around 1000 AD. It is said that the Vikings were baptized there and the locals believe that the water in the hot pool has healing power. Translated in English the name Krosslaug means “The Hot Pool of the Cross”. The natural hot spring is on the shore, closer to the Atlantic waters.

You have to pay an insignificant fee (about 500 isk) to use the hot springs. There are no changing facilities at the pool.

The place is less known by tourists so it will be empty and you can enjoy your time there. We kindly recommend cleaning the place after you use the pools, don’t let litter around there. You can access the Krosslaug by car. If you are driving from Reykjavik you have to follow the Ring Road then take Road 60 to Westfjords. From there you have to turn on Road 62 which will lead you to Krosslaug. You can also follow the GPS coordinates: 65.51961, -23.40533.


Like the rest of the hot springs in Westfjords, Nauteyrarlaug is also a hidden hot spring that you will have all by yourself. The water at Nauteyrarlaug is between 40 and 42°C and usually is very clean.

The hot spring is made of rock and stones and it suffered some modifications some years ago. The water that used to feed the sot spring came directly from a borehole located near the pool, but because a fish company redirected the water to their fish hatchery, the hot spring is now fed through a pipe. There is a small cabin near the hot spring that can be used as a changing room.

Nauteyrarlaug is not known for tourists so if you want to connect yourself with Icelandic nature and enjoy the place for yourself you should add Nauteyrarlaug to your bucket list. The hot spring can be found close to the Arngerðareyri airport. To get there you have to take Road 635 from Road 61. Follow the GPS coordinates to find it: 65.91711, -22.34193.


This pool is located in the Mjóifjörður and it is the perfect place for a stop to recharge your batteries for your next Icelandic adventures. Surrounded by the mesmerizing view of the fjords, Hörgshlíðarlaug is a man-made, very well-maintained pool so people can have a relaxing stop to connect with nature.

Hörgshlíðarlaug is on private land and it has a changing room that you can use, bring your own swimsuit and towel as there are no such facilities. The pool is 6 meters long and 80 cm deep and the water has a temperature around 40°C that will warm you up and refresh your senses. The water from the pool came from three sources; two of them are with hot water and one of them with cold water which provides the best temperature for bathing.

You don’t have to pay for using the pool but being on private land you have to ask permission from the pool owner. Don’t be shy to ask for permission, Icelanders are very friendly and they love when tourists are interested in their culture. In exchange for that, we recommend you to leave the pool as you find it, take the litter with you, and put it in a bin. Respect Mother Nature as it gives us such amazing things like hot springs, beautiful views over the fjords, and many other natural wonders.

Hörgshlíðarlaug is located close to Heydalur hot spring and even if you came from east or from the west on Route 61, you have to turn on Route 633 which is a gravel road. Follow the GPS coordinates to find it easier: 65.845228, -22.61212.


In the Westfjords you will find a little town with about 67-70 inhabitants. The town is approximately 30 km away from Hólmavik which is another nice stop that you can take. The Drangsnes pools are the local attraction and they consist of three tubs filled up with natural hot water from a nearby borehole.

Locals discovered the hot spring in 1997 and they immediately set the pools for people to enjoy the rejuvenating warm water and the view over the Atlantic and fjords. The hot tubs at Drangsnes are aligned side by side and there is also a changing facility near them. People put also a garbage bin so people can let the place clean after they use it.

The place is in a remote area, far away from crowds and it is well maintained by the locals. Drangsnes is open all year round and it is free of charge. Local people like to go there and relax so you may find them there. Drangsnes village is located near a curvy cliff and the views from there are indescribable. If you are lucky you can spot some whales in the fjord while you rejuvenate in the hot spring.

If you are wondering about the area you can also visit Hólmavik. If you drive on Road 61, north to Hólmavik you will see a sign pointing to a secondary gravel road to get to the Drangsnes village and pools. You have to follow Road 643 until you will find another road, Road 645 that you have to follow to get to the Pools. Follow the GPS coordinates to find the mesmerizing spot:  65.6882, -21.44825.

No matter which part of Iceland you are visiting and during what season are you there, bathing in a hot spring is always a good idea for you. Bathing in a hot spring is a Viking tradition that you can not miss in Iceland.

If you want to visit some of the lagoons and hot springs check our website or write us an email to include some relaxations spots in your itinerary.

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