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Loftsalahellir cave

It may be a cliché, but Iceland is really incredible. You will find some breathtaking locations in the last places you could think of. In Iceland, you won’t find only unique waterfall, beaches, mountains, or glaciers but unique caves. Nature is really an artist when it comes to creating caves in Iceland. Best known for blue sapphire ice caves, Iceland will also amaze you with caves formed in the tuff rock.

Loftsalahellir cave is no exception. With its unique shape and amazing views, you will want to add this cave to your bucket list. Located on the South Coast of Iceland on the southwest side of Geitafell Mountain, Loftsalahellir gives you a nice panorama view over Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjara Black Beach that can be seen from distance. Before exploring Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjara Black Beach, you should stop at Loftsalahellir cave and enjoy the view.

The place is less known by the tourists so you won’t read about the cave or how to find it on many sites. You have to find it on your own. Lucky I was there and I can guide you to find this beautiful instagrammable place. You will find Loftsallahellir on your way to Dyrhólaey lighthouse.

Driving south on Route 1 from Reykjavik, you will see a sign to turn right on a secondary road to get to Dyrhólaey. The road is marked as road 218 on maps. The cave is on the left side of the road and I recommend you to visit the cave after you visit Dyrhólaey because it will be easier to see the cave from the road when you come back to the main road. There is a little parking space where you can park your car while visiting Loftsalahellir. The path to the cave is clearly visible on the grass field you will have to cross. Also, on your way to the cave, you have to cross a little river but is nothing difficult. Be careful while hiking to the cave, the path is a bit steep.

Once you are in the cave you will have a nice view of the Dyrhólaey and also a view of the Reynisfjara Black Beach with Reynisdrangar- the basalt rocks that are sitting tall on the shore. The cave is small but its shape is really interesting as it is creating a nice frame when admiring the view from inside.

Add Loftsalahellir to your bucket list and impress your friends with your photos taken there.