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Arnarstapi fishing village

A traditional fishing village in Snæfellsness peninsula

Another geology masterpiece of Iceland you will find near Arnarstapi Fishing Village. This tiny fishing village has picturesque coastal cliffs derived from glowing magma hitting the wild waves of the Atlantic. Known in Iceland as the most beautiful harbor in the country. Thousands of years later erosion has formed beautiful stone arcs and a remarkable marine geyser.

Like many of the coastal villages in Iceland, Arnarstapi was also an important trade post in the past. The village had a much bigger population in the past than it having now.

Besides the fact that is a fishing village, there can also be found large arctic tern colonies and also other bird species like kittiwake and fulmar.  In 1979 the seaside and the cliffs between Arnarstapi and Hellnar village have been declared Natural Reserve.

How to get there: After you visit Búdakirkja in the Snæfellsness peninsula, if you go all the way to the west you will find Arnarstapi village. You can also visit Arnarstapi fishing village on a self-drive tour in Iceland.