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Deildartunguhver a really hot Hotspring

Deildartunguhver is a hot spring you’ll find in Iceland. Hot springs and geothermal baths are a part of the Icelandic heritage.

From Viking times, Icelanders used hot springs and geothermal water for their rejuvenating and healing properties. Nowadays, geothermal water is used also as a renewable resource of energy.

Many natural geothermal pools you will find in Iceland have nice warm water, perfect for soaking in. But some pools have water with a higher temperature which is hazardous. In western Iceland, there are some places with such kind of hot water; one is Deildartunguhver.

Deildartunghuver hot spring steaming wild.
Photo source: west.is

Deildartunguhver is a natural hot spring located in the West of Iceland. It is also the highest-flowing hot spring in Europe with a rapid flow of 180 liters per second.

The hot spring can be found in Reykholtsdalur district which is one of the best places to see hot springs in Iceland.
Deildartunguhver emerges at 97 °C which makes it dangerous for use in its natural form, but it is perfect for using it as a renewable resource of energy for heating Icelanders’ homes.

From Deildartunguhver, two pipes are travelling to distribute the geothermal energy, one for 34 km to the town of Borganes and another 64 km to the town of Akranes.

Please be careful when you visit Deildartunguhver Hotspring.

Even though the water in Deildartunguhver is dangerous, there are some wooden walk paths and observation points that will protect you from any danger.

Also, the water from Deildartunguhver is used by Krauma for their geothermal baths. The hot water is mixed with cold glacial water which creates the perfect bathing temperature.

So if you want to try the water from Deildartunguhver, stop at Krauma and have a relaxing moment in one of their six pools.
Deildartunguhver is very close to Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls so if you are wandering around, check the waterfalls too. You can get there on a day tour or a multi-day tour.

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