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Hörgshlíðarlaug hot spring

This pool is located in the Mjóifjörður and it is the perfect place for a stop to recharge your batteries for your next Icelandic adventures.

Surrounded by the mesmerizing view of the fjords, Hörgshlíðarlaug is a man-made, very well-maintained pool so people can have a relaxing stop to connect with nature.

Hörgshlíðarlaug hot spring is on private land and it has a changing room that you can use, bring your swimsuit and towel as there are no such facilities.

The pool is 6 meters long and 80 cm deep and the water has a temperature of around 40°C that will warm you up and refresh your senses. The water from the pool came from three sources; two of them with hot water and one of them with cold water which provides the best temperature for bathing.

Horgshlidarlaug hot spring with view over the fjords.

You don’t have to pay for using the pool but being on private land you have to ask permission from the pool owner. Don’t be shy to ask for permission, Icelanders are very friendly and they love it when tourists are interested in their culture.

In exchange for that, we recommend you leave the pool as you find it, take the litter with you, and put it in a bin. Respect Mother Nature as it gives us such amazing things as hot springs, beautiful views over the fjords, and many other natural wonders.

Hörgshlíðarlaug hot spring is located close to Heydalur hot spring and even if you come from the east or the west on Route 61, you have to turn on Route 633 which is a gravel road. Follow the GPS coordinates to find it easier: 65.845228, -22.61212.

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