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Öxarárfoss - the waterfall between the continents

Situated in the Þingvellir Natural Park on the Golden Circle route, Öxarárfoss is one of the most visited waterfalls in Iceland.

It is fed by the river Öxará cascading into the Almannagjá gorge which marks the eastern boundary of the two tectonic plates that met in Þingvellir, the Eurasian and American plates. 

Photo by Felix on Unsplash

Öxarárfoss is 13 meters high and six meters wide and its flow forms a lake with many volcanic rocks.

The waterfall can be visited all year round but during harsh winters you may find it frozen and the rocks around will be covered in ice.

There is a wooden-manmade path near the waterfall that makes access close to the waterfall easier. 

Because of its location in the Þingvellir Natural Park, there are some legends linked to the waterfall from the time when Alþingi was still in Þingvellir.

Öxarárfoss was mentioned also in many sagas. One story says that on New Year’s Eve, the waterfall would run red either with wine or blood and depending on what would be the wine would promise prosperity and the blood would promise a warning of war.

Photo by Carolyn Ne on Unsplash

Make sure you do not miss Öxarárfoss waterfall while you are visiting the Golden Circle and Þingvellir Natural Park and let yourself be impressed by the beautiful landscape around. 

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