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Difference between Blue Lagoon and Secret Lagoon

Are Blue Lagoon and Secret Lagoon the same, different or similar? Is Secret Lagoon the cheaper and less touristy alternative to Blue Lagoon? Difference between Blue Lagoon and Secret Lagoon – misconception resolved.

We have seen and heard so many people saying that Blue Lagoon is a tourist trap, it is way too expensive, and that you should go to the Secret Lagoon instead. Are Blue Lagoon and Secret Lagoon even similar or comparable to begin with?

Let’s examine each of them in detail.

1. The water is BLUE! Really? No. Why? It is because the water contains a natural mineral called Silica which reflects light making the water look blue. In fact, the water is cloudy white in color.

2. The water is very good for the skin. Yes. This natural silica mineral in the water is very good for the skin. It is an ingredient found in spa products like face masks and moisturizers. Spend some time in the waters at the Blue Lagoon and you will feel that your skin is significantly smoother and nourished.

3. The water at Blue Lagoon is salty. Yes, it is. The reason being is that due to the location of the geothermal water source of Blue Lagoon being relatively close to the ocean, small amounts of seawater seep through the lava rocks into the geothermal water source, causing the water to be slightly salty. This, in fact, makes the water even better for the skin. On top of being natural geothermal water with natural silica minerals, it also has some natural minerals from the ocean.

4. The water at Blue Lagoon is wastewater. In a way of saying, yes, but the context is that the geothermal power plant right next to Blue Lagoon uses the geothermal water to generate electricity first before the water has flowed into Blue Lagoon. This process simply removes some heat from the boiling geothermal water so that the water temperature is suitable for you and me to soak in. Nothing else is done to the water. In a way, the water is used in a more effective way, saving the environment.

1. It is a secret place and not many people know about it. No, absolutely not true. The Secret Lagoon might be even more crowded than Blue Lagoon at times as it is a very small lagoon and since the whole world actually knows about it, it is not really a secret as it seems.

2. The water is the same as Blue Lagoon. No. The water is not the same as the Blue Lagoon. The water at the Secret Lagoon is geothermal water, that’s all. No silica, no other minerals. It is still good for the skin as per all geothermal water but it does not have the “spa” effect like the water in Blue Lagoon.

Price Comparison

Blue Lagoon entrance only: 6990isk – 14990isk
Secret Lagoon entrance only: 3000isk
(these prices are for per adult and correct at time of writing)

So what causes the price to be so much different?

Blue Lagoon is a spa experience. The water does amazing stuff to the skin. It is not “just another geothermal pool”. On the other hand, Secret Lagoon is just a geothermal pool. It is known by the locals as the oldest geothermal pool, that’s all. So, what you are paying for is to soak in a natural hot tube with scenery and history. The water is the same as the hot tube in public swimming pools, in geothermal rivers, and in the hot tubes at hotels and guesthouses (many of which have amazing views as well).

Public swimming pools cost 900 – 1200isk, geothermal rivers are free, hot tubes in hotels and guesthouses are mostly free also.

Is it still worth it to go to the Secret Lagoon? Yes, if you are there for the experience of soaking in a natural geothermal hot spring with beautiful scenery and history. No, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Blue Lagoon as they are totally not the same and not comparable.

Is Blue Lagoon really worth the price? You should decide that for yourself after giving it a try. For one, the water really does amazing stuff to the skin. I personally love it and I use Blue Lagoon’s mineral mask and lotion for my routine. I might be biased but since I am only one in more than one million people who gave a thumbs-up to Blue Lagoon after trying it, the numbers must mean something.

Is Blue Lagoon really a tourist trap? I would really not agree with that. Yes, it is true that many tourists visit the Blue Lagoon, but so are Disneyland, Universal Studio, the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel tower, and any other popular tourist attractions. Are they all tourist traps? People want to go and visit these places because they are popular, they are amazing and they are awesome. So is the Blue Lagoon.

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