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Glymur waterfall

When you say Glymúr every Icelandic will think about the highest waterfall in Iceland. And even if in 2007 scientists discovered another higher waterfall in Vatnajokull National Park, Glymúr will still wear the name of the highest waterfall.

Glymúr waterfall is located in West Iceland in the Hvalfjörður fjord and has a drop of about 198m. You will find it on the rear side of the fjord so when you will drive there you don’t have to cross the tunnel under the fjord but follow the signs that will guide you to the hiking start point. 

Photo by Alexander Milo

To get to the waterfall you have to hike and the difficulty of the hike is medium to hard, depending on your physical condition.

The hike will involve steep and rocky paths, cave crossing, and river crossing but all these will be worth it because the views along the hiking path will be breathtaking and at the top, you will have the most beautiful reward. 

Photo by Alexander Milo

To hike to the waterfall will take you 3,5 hours and you will need sturdy hiking boots, water and food some hiking poles would be helpful if you usually use them when hiking.

Right at the top of the waterfall, you will have to cross the river to get to the south part where the best views are. But you can also hike to the north part and see the waterfall from a different angle.

Photo by Globe City Guide 🌎

When you are at the top, an enormous mossy-green deep gorge will open up in front of your eyes and the sound of the water falling will delight your ears, that’s the reward for the challenging hike, the magnificent Glymúr waterfall.

To get to the base of the hiking trail you have to take the right on Road 47 from Road 1 before the tunnel under Hvalfjörður fjord. The waterfall is located one hour’s drive from Reykjavik

Fill up with adrenaline and go venture on an amazing hike in the West of Iceland. Share with us your adventures on social media. Visit the West coast of Iceland on a self-drive tour.

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