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How safe is Iceland for women?

Wander if Iceland is safe for solo female travellers or for moving there as a single woman? Then this blog will answer your questions. First thing first, according to the Global Peace Index “Iceland remains the world’s most peaceful country, a position
it has held since the first iteration of the GPI.” that means Iceland is one of the safest countries for solo travellers no matter the gender so for females this info can be more helpful.

Photo source: @elymarie629

Even if you are used to travelling solo or you want to get out of your comfort zone and beat the anxiety, Iceland is always a good idea when it comes to travelling alone. 

Here are some things that make Iceland safe for solo female travellers (and not only females).

People are open-minded

People in Iceland are very open-minded and welcoming so you will feel safe wherever you go within Iceland. No one will look at you in a strange way if you travel single, with your girlfriend or boyfriend, as long as you don’t make any troubles you are welcomed everywhere.

Photo source: @elymarie629

Iceland ranks on top for having the highest gender equality rate. Gender equality is a valuable thing in Iceland with a long tradition and you will see this once you come to Iceland.

Lower crime rate

More than that, Iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and even in the world. 

Photo source: @elymarie629

Wherever you go in Iceland, you will be safe socially speaking. People are friendly and if you need help they will help you. 

Lower population density

Iceland is one of the countries with a lower population density. Almost 60% of the population lives in Reykjavik so that means that outside the capital area you will find very few people in towns. You will feel safe. 

Photo source: @elymarie629

Most of the time you will find yourself alone in nature and this may be an advantage if you prefer to enjoy a place all by yourself.

Language barrier

Almost every Icelander speak English so this won’t be a problem if you need to ask someone for something or if you need help.

Iceland is easy to discover

It is very easy to travel within Iceland, almost all the towns and villages are located near the shore along the Ring Road, a road that circles the entire country and the road network is also very simple.

Photo source: @elymarie629

You won’t get lost in Iceland. 

You get to know other people

Icelanders are very friendly and you will enjoy talking with them. You can also join some group tours where you will meet other travellers who explore Iceland. 

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