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Why planning a last minute trip to Iceland is a big NO?

Iceland is an incredible country that excites every traveller’s heart. Spontaneity is indeed the best way to live and have beautiful experiences, and this may work in many places but not here in Iceland.

This summer, I have seen people on many Facebook travel groups who wanted tips and tricks for a last-minute trip to Iceland. This might sound exciting, but Iceland is not where you can have such a spontaneous trip, especially during summer. 

In this blog, I will explain to you, as the title says, why a last-minute trip to Iceland is a big NO?

Photo by Tom Podmore

First of all, Iceland is an island, and the resources on an island are always limited. And by resources, I mean cars, hotels (staff), services and even (some types of) food. So planning at the last minute would be difficult because of the limited services. 

Photo by Jose Llamas

Second, Iceland is visited by many people. Summer is the high season when finding availability for rental cars, hotels, spas, camping spots, and some restaurants is almost impossible. So it will be wise to plan your summer trip to Iceland. 

Depending on what you want to see and do, you must inform yourself very well about Iceland so you won’t go during summer and expect to see the Northern Lights or winter and hope to see the Midnight Sun. Avoid being disappointed by taking some time to inform very well. 

Photo by Esther Tuttle

The weather in Iceland is also a subject you should “study” very well. You can not joke about the weather here and must be prepared for all kinds of weather regardless of season. However, the weather is sometimes extreme in winter, and you should be well prepared for your safety. 

You can check the weather every day at vedur.is.

Photo by LinedPhoto

No trains and public transportation are going to all the tourist places you might want to see. So, planning and renting a car would guarantee you a successful trip without stressing about not finding a way to visit Iceland. 

Photo by Federica Galli

Iceland is like no other country, you know, for many reasons, but when it comes to travelling, relief is also something you should be aware of.

The volcanic relief in Iceland is not very friendly to the usual travellers who are used to walking on the paved streets in central Europe.

The relief in Iceland requires preparation with sturdy boots, clothes, and waterproof and windproof cover layers. A backpack might not be enough for a trip to Iceland. 

Photo by Jose Llamas

If you come to Iceland from outside of Europe, prepare with some power adaptors and four-digit pin credit cards. 

Also, be aware that you have to plan your stops so you won’t end up without gas or searching desperately for a toilet. You will find more information in our blog dedicated to what you must know before coming to Iceland.

Photo by hoch3media

Now that you know why planning a last-minute trip to Iceland is a big NO, plan your trip so you can enjoy every minute in Iceland without worrying about small things.

There are many ways to explore Iceland, be it a self-drive tour, private tours, multi-day tours, or day tours from different locations. You will be amazed by everything you see.

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